Monkey forest attractions in Ubud Bali

Monkey forest or monkey forest Ubud is one of the forests inhabited by hundreds of monkeys or monkeys and is used as a tourist destination other than beaches on the island of Bali, and when this monkey forest tourist spot is again hits and popular in the Ubud area. Its location is strategically located close to downtown Ubud, so tourists can easily access this place.

This monkey forest attraction in Ubud is indeed more famous than other monkey forests, which is why this protected forest, which is inhabited by hundreds of tame monkeys, is always crowded with visitors, both foreign and domestic.

On the island of Bali itself there are a number of monkey forest tourist objects or destinations such as the Alas Kedaton monkey forest and the Sangeh monkey forest, so the most popular is the monkey forest in Ubud, this place is well managed, continues to be done arrangements, such as trekking trails into the forest via wooden bridges at the valley floor.

All the facilities provided in this recreation area make visitors comfortable and feel at one with nature, so it is not surprising that the price of admission at this monkey forest attraction is higher than other monkey forest attractions on the island of Bali, so that your vacation is with family and children. -children will have more fun.

Every day, the natural tourist destination of the monkey forest — Monkey forest Ubud is visited by thousands of tourists, not to mention that during the holiday season, the number of visits will increase. That is why the monkeys who inhabit the forest are more tame, because they are used to different foreign visitors, in addition to food intake is always considered by officers, and many officers are in the field so that visitors to the monkey forest tourism object feel comfortable and safe. .

While on vacation on the island of Bali and planning a tour to the Ubud area, you must visit natural recreation areas such as the monkey forest or Ubud monkey forest, because it is only 1 km from the city center. Even when you choose the Dolphin tour which aims to watch dolphins in Lovina, from the south of Bali you can take the route to the monkey forest or monkey forest Ubud. Another way to visit this natural recreation area is available car rental services in Bali for you to get around the island of the Gods, with experienced drivers taking you to various popular tourist attractions. Visit Tegenungan Waterfall in Bali

Activities in the monkey forest Ubud Bali

This protected forest area has an area of ​​8 hectares, inhabited by long-tailed monkeys. The location is in the village of Padang Tegal, Ubud District, Kab. Gianyar — Bali. Located 300 meters above sea level, making this area cool, plus towering tall trees, lush green trees, adds to the more pleasant atmosphere. At the entrance to the left, visitors are required to buy an entrance ticket to the monkey forest attraction. There is already posted the price of admission to this tourist attraction.

Entering the monkey forest area in Ubud Bali, a number of banana fruit traders offer fruit to you, of course not for you to eat, but for forest monkeys, because they are fond of bananas, so you can interact with monkeys or monkeys in tourist destinations in Ubud. this.

Want to have a more exciting experience in the monkey forest in Ubud, you can take pictures with the monkeys who inhabit the forest, with the bananas that you bring, assisted by a local guide, so you feel comfortable. This tour with the aim of monkey forest tourism is indeed an ideal destination not only for adults but also for children.

Apart from feeding the monkeys and taking pictures, you can sit back and relax in the middle of a shady forest, watch the cuteness and agility of the monkeys here, play with their partners or their children, you can get closer to them.

The monkeys who inhabit the forest are tame and most importantly you don’t disturb them, so you can capture them through camera shots and selfies with the help of local officials. This monkey forest recreation area in Ubud is indeed one of the most popular on the island of Bali, so it can complement your holiday activities.

Provided a path to visit in Ubud’s monkey forest to get to the middle of the forest, or the riverbank via a wooden bridge, so that it will provide a beautiful and impressive travel adventure, even the natural treats here are instagramable and photogenic.

You can enjoy the beauty of this monkey forest more fully when visiting from early in the morning, because this tourist attraction in Bali is open from 08.00–18.00. You can enjoy the atmosphere of the monkey forest in the morning with the accompaniment of melodious birds singing.

Although the forest-dwelling monkeys in the monkey forest in Ubud are not that aggressive, you are advised to secure valuables and accessories such as earrings, bracelets, watches, glasses and cellphones in your bag, in certain situations, they may be. naughty and tantalizing, because things they think are strange will attract their interest.

While in this forest recreation area in Ubud, a place to walk has been provided, cross the path, so that visitors will feel comfortable and safe, do not enter their area, so that the monkeys do not feel threatened.

The latest admission price per March 1, 2019, to Ubud monkey forest attractions; IDR 80,000 / adult and IDR 60,000 / child (3–12 years old), the ticket price applies to both foreign and domestic tourists, and even applies to local Balinese residents. Visiting Ubud’s monkey forest while on tour in Bali, especially with children, will provide more experience for them, being able to introduce flora and fauna closer to them.

The closest attraction of Ubud’s monkey forest.

A number of tourist objects and recreational spots closest to the monkey forest in Ubud’s monkey forest include downtown Ubud, art market, Ubud palace attractions, Saraswati temple, Campuhan hill tourist attraction and various art galleries and painting museums. Also close to Taro Village Elephant Park, Ayung rafting recreation and terraced rice fields Tegalalang and Goa Gajah.

Having limited time while on vacation in Bali and want to enjoy the agility of monkeys in the wild, we provide a half day tour in the Ubud tour package, which schedules visits to the monkey forest Ubud and Bali Zoo Park. But if you have more time, you can rent a car in Bali and visit a number of places in one direction, such as Batubulan, Tirta Empul, Kintamani, Tegalalang and Ubud monkey forest.

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